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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I am comparing Hingis's 1998 to other players in 1998 and Henin's 2003 and 2006 to other players those years. In what bizarre World does Hingis's 1998 compared to Henin's 2006 show whether Hingis was the best in 1998 and whether Henin was the best in 2006.
well henin's 2003 was wayyyy better than hingis' 98/99 .....and her 2006 was also better than hingis' 98/99 ......

the fact that you even begin to argue hingis was best player in 98/99 but henin wasn't in 2003/2006 (not that I agree with that ) just goes to show that henin faced better competition by some distance in 2003/06 than hingis in 98/99 ....

and I don't follow the WTA as much as the ATP tour, but a bit of common sense helps in either case .....

also don't forget that henin had 5 years where she won slams, hingis only 3 ...

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