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My son has just turned seven. When he was 5.5, his school ran an introductory tennis program for a few weeks. He became hooked, and begged for us to join a club. We did this, and so began his addiction. He (still) spends every spare hour hitting against the wall at home and spends as much time as he can at the club. His coach noticed his talent and drive and he now has one private a week (1/2hr), and 3 X 1hr squad classes. He just can't get enough. If he can't play it he'll be watching DVDs of old matches. He plays with 9/10 year olds at our club and is making great progress.

The problem is, we are not a tennis (nor a sporty) family... we know very little about tennis (but are learning quick!) and we are fielding all sorts of advice from strangers about what we need to do to help him get to the top. Our son desperately wants to be a number one tennis player, and would love to do tennis all day if he could. What do we do with him? Are we on the right track? Should he be getting more private lessons? Coaches here don't seem to push the whole private lesson thing but more are into squads. Is this the right way to go? Our coach does not want him to compete till he's around 8, he would rather he worked on technique which I understand.

We are from a small country and funding for tennis at a high level is very limited. Very few pro players are developed here. Any advice on what other countries do with young players would be greatly appreciated. As parents, we feel like we are in a difficult position. Our boy has got this huge dream and he is ready to commit all he has to it. We don't mind if he changes his mind or fails at it, but we would hate to be the reason he didn't succeed.

How many hours of formal (group or private) coaching would a driven 7 year old do in your country?
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