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I haven't tried the vcore 89 tour yet, but there should be a difference in the control department, considering the respective specs
I'm not looking for an easier or spinnier racquet, so I'd like to know if the vcore tour 89 grabs the ball as effectively as the prestige Yt Ig mid
I've already used a lighter mid with an open string pattern, the dunlop ag100 (and the 4d100) for several years, but the prestige ig mid gives me much more control and confidence
so, considering the specs of the vcore tour, I can undestand why people looking for an easier and spinnier racquet, like it, but I suspect it doesn't deliver the same level of control as the prestige mid, with its higher weight and denser string pattern
any feedback about this aspect from people who played with both racquets?
Head Prestige Youtek Ig MidPlus (leather grip + overgrip; full poly at 21/20kg)
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