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^ The gospel according to wiki?
Yes, that wuz written by Saint Wiki back in 2003, after the Dumass wars of 2002.

The people of uhmerikka done lernd alot frum it and things got rilly gud aftr that error. I mean era.

Now, in the 24th and a half century, peeps are happier and less gayish, and there's not that many of us. We got unoversol helthcair and the birthrate is low cuz the testosterone count is low among both men and womans. It's rill kewl cuz we don't need condoms much anymore.

Anyways it's kewl your boy is putten the smack down on peep's azzes man i edmyer that. i like money and i like sports. We could of had more sports and school and stuff but when I got my degree at Sam's club, things were pretty ofishent and we didn't had thyme fur a lot of extravernicular activatees. Cuz mainly we jes relyd on St. Wiki fur are research and fur testes and stuph. And then insteda reading and righting and boring stuph, we got rill familyer with social media and cool games like Kanye West NFL and Honey Boo Bolympics.

ok so if yule ixcews me I am werken with today's leading psyentists on solving the great garbej crysis and the problem with dumasses these days.

hay weight a minnat i wonder wut the gospol uv st wiki done sed about garbij. They're's gotta be thumbthin in their about it, write Scro'?

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