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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
No, you certainly don't, just as it's true that Fed fans don't know how Nadal fans feel in terms of their favourite player's (prolonged) absence from the game because of injuries it's also true that at this point in time Nadal fans still don't know how Fed fans feel regard their favourite player's decline in physical part of the game (despite the Fed hating experts on this forum who claim that Fed's playing as good as ever).When Nadal has a slamless year and/or gets near 30 while the fans of other players claim he's as good as ever but can't handle the new strong competition, only then will you find out.

Yes,I do. I have watched Nadal decline in speed and movement over the years just as Fed fans have watched him do the same. Not sure what there is to argue here other than you just liking to be contrary for no reason.

And this coming from you is mighty hilarious. You were preaching about how Nadal never played better all throughout last year when anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together could obviously see otherwise. As a matter of fact,your ridiculous trolling of Nadal match threads saying how he was at his peak()was the brunt of several jokes at your expense.

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