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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
disappointed in TWMAC. u tellin me nobody wants to buy my BLXPROs or RDIS200s for cheeeeeeep? geez.
i should have just tried restringing the BLXPROs with a hybrid cuz i like them it is just that its been crushin my wrist. i shouldve brought them out to try one last time against sappy. i just brought the rdis200s and man he was blowin me off the court when we were just rallying. but somehow we play a set and i think i might have bageled him. but the rdis200s had no power (except for one accidental 2nd serve i blasted @120mph down the t..oooops) and the strings sorta felt like p000p. dunno.

hey sap, u shoulda seen the dog after u left. he found a 60lb male chocolate lab and humped the bejeeezuz out of it. meanwhile a 130lb great dane was there.. beautiful dog... and it tried to tell my dog to cut it out and my dog, probably in fear for his life, goes totally CUJO on it and causes a big scene in the dogpark. it was so embarrassing and i had to take him outta there. he had this big grin on his face on the way home there. he is like a honeybadger. he just dont effin care!
I'm not much of a businessman, but seems to me if you want to sell something, you shouldn't go around telling everyone what's wrong with your product. Just sayin'.
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