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The X-Black 94 is definitely a plush stick. Not a lot of feedback from the frame (which I like). You can just carve through the ball however you like. I've been hitting with it stock; just an overgrip and dampener. It came with poly mains, gut crosses. Feels like it was strung on the low end. On serves, there is a noticeable difference in SW between it and my Prestige Mid. I wouldn't go so far as to call it "sluggish" - just different. I bet if I tracked down a customization kit and slapped on a weighted butt cap, that would bring it closer to what I'm use to. The stick does serve bombs, though. Counterpunching is awesome. It can send back serves and aggressive shots with a message. All in all, I love it and second everything Kal said in his review. Just wish the pj was better protected. I shed a little tear every time I dig out a low ball with a slice
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