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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Do you think Nadal is as fast or moves as well now as he did just a few years ago? If you say yes then there is no hope for you.

And Fed is still winning slams/masters tournaments at 31,and had a d*mn good year this year. Does that mean he hasn't lost any speed and that his movement is good as ever?
I understand that you've watched Nadal decline a little bit. He's lost speed as well, and I am glad that Federer stays healthier than Nadal because I don't know what it's like to watch my favourite player be out for 6 months + and miss slams. I think that's what zagor was trying to say. Nadal fans don't truly know how Federer fans feel, just as the opposite is true. They will only truly know when Nadal nears/hits 30 (if he gets that far) and people start saying he should retire after every match he loses, or he has a slamless year, or he gets beaten pretty regularly by players that are 5-6 years younger than him, and fans of those players will say what Nadal and Djokovic fans are saying now.

They will talk about how Nadal can't handle the competition, and they will likely talk about how Nadal won all his slams in a "weak" era because in said era only the top 4 even had a realistic chance to win. They will also probably say that Nadal is just a glorified clay courter, and other disrespectful things even though the man is an all time great with 11 slams. They'll probably dismiss the fact that Nadal is past his prime as well, and just say age is a sad excuse. This should all sound pretty familiar actually. In fact, all of that stuff has been said, but it will get worse when the coming generation starts beating Nadal fairly regularly.

And as I said above, I truly won't know how Nadal fans feel unless Federer is out with an injury for an extended period of time, or misses slam(s).
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