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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
Ohio Valley Regional - Singles draw.

5 of the 8 matches involve a Memphis player.

Round of 16 Schedule on Sunday
Anthony Rossi (UK) vs Ryan Lipman (Vandy)
David O'Leary (Memphis) vs Brandon Fickey (Tenn)
Gonzales Austin (Vandy) vs Johnny Grimal (Memphis)
Dimitrije Tasic (Indiana) vs Ben Davis (MTSU)
Connor Glennon (Memphis) vs Isade Juneau (Indiana)
David O'Hare (Memphis) vs Tom Jomby (UK)
Joe Salisbury (Memphis) vs Sebastian Stiefelmeyer (Louisville)
Mikelis Libietis (Tenn) vs Albert Wagner (Louisville)
Memphis advances a doubles team to the semis. Doubles draw updated.

Memphis, Louisville and the SEC schools impress. The two kids from IU are good. One is playing well despite a gimp knee. Looks like some great singles matchups today.
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