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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Hi all,

Going on a rather unplanned trip to Orlando this week (Oct 25-Nov 4) with my wife and 9 year old boy. My wife has some business for a few days in Celebration. As you can imagine, I'll be up to my neck in theme park activities

Anyway, on the off chance I can sneak in some tennis watching- are there any events going on during this time? I see ESPN wide world of sports nearby on Google maps..

I see there's a Nike outlet store nearby- any good?

Lastly (completely non tennis related)- what's the best transportation option to and from Legoland?

Thanks Guys!
My wife visits Orlando annually for business and always comes back with good finds from both the Nike and Adidas outlets -- it appears this area has a better selection of tennis wear as she never comes back empty handed.
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