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Originally Posted by mrrockstar View Post
Just bought the X-Dual Pro, strung at Mantis Comfort Poly17/ Mantis Comfort Synthetic Poly16 (53lbs/53lbs), the feel of hitting is so dead, no ball pocketing feeling, no power, just like hitting a frying pan

Is there any diff between X-Dual Pro and Pro One 97 18x20?


I had an X Dual Pro then got a P1 18x20. The P1 version had a better feel to it IMO. Can't put my finger on what it was since they are supposed to be the same stick. The X Dual Pro felt boardy. I had it strung with a multi at 58lbs so maybe I just needed to lower the tension. I strung the P1 18x20 with a multi at 58lbs and the feedback I got when hitting felt better/more responsive. However, the results I got with each racquet were similar. So it was really just an esoteric feel thing.
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