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Originally Posted by B1G Tennis View Post
Based on this week, it seems like reports of OSU's demise have been greatly exaggerated. If Rola indeed comes back, they got:

1S: Rola (top 5 player)
2S: Kobelt (A little inconsistent because he relies on the serve so much, but still a top tier #2)
3S: McCarthy (Not sure why he isn't playing this weekend, but a very good #3)
4S: Van Engelen (Same as McCarthy with absence this week, but a solid player for sure)
5S: Christ (If this weekend is any indication, should be a very good #5. If he beats Hiltzik, I think it is safe to put him ahead of Bernstein as the best #5 in the *******)
6S: Smith (Probably the best #6 in the country outside of Virginia)

And if McCarthy or Van Engelen are injured or out for whatever reason, they have solid #6s in Diaz or Callaghan. If Rola returns, that looks like a team in the 2-5 range (behind Virginia, but competitive with Duke, USC, and UCLA).
McCarthy is a 5th year senior. He seems to be playing Futures and men's opens this fall. I saw his name in the Mansfield, Texas, Futures this week (maybe in the qualifying draw). I suppose that he already has a degree, or can get one after the spring semester without any credits this fall.

McCarthy played behind Ille Van Engelen last year. I don't know that they will swap this year. Diaz had quite a run at the ITA All-American tourney.

Connor Smith is very good, but Duke and Virginia will both contest the best #6 claim. Not sure what USC and UCLA will show at that position this year. A lot of questions remain to be answered at the National Team Indoors in February. Depth has usually been a strength at Ohio State, and this year will certainly be no exception. They might miss Chase Buchanan more than most people think. He was on a tear to end the year, and was their best doubles player IMHO.
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