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Originally Posted by DrewRafter8 View Post

After two outings with the Gold 99 and Pro One 16x19, I feel that you and I must really like the same style of sticks. I too hit the biggest serves that I have ever hit with the Pro One. I'm having a hard time deciding which stick I like better. The Pro One isn't as flexy as the Gold and I think that I like the Gold's feel. I'm used to hitting with a higher swingweight and static weight then both of these sticks. The Gold99 is really tough for me to really dial in the serve so far. The low swingweight takes me more time to adjust to. However, after hitting with it for some more time today, I could hit almost with the same pace on serve as I did with the Pro One. Good thing I've got about 3 weeks to really test these sticks out.

Thanks again for the recommendations Jack! With us going through the same thing with the Black Drive, I really valued your recommendations and you were on the money!
Drew -

Sounds awesome! Yeah the three week free demos are quite a luxury. The impact feel of all the Donnay's I've hit with is really quite unique. Since you are technique grooved to hitting with a higher mass and SW, I'm thinking the weight slides might be something to try out, especially with the Gold 99. I have two slide kits sitting here that I'm not using. If you shoot me your address I could drop one in the mail as a loaner for your demo. Post office 1 block away from my office in the city, no trouble for me at all. Just send it back after your demo. If you want to keep it we could figure out a price. @ comcast dot net

(off topic) Good luck with your custom orthotics, for some people it's almost a miracle cure. Certainly worth a try. Took me like 2-3 years to finally wriggle free of my achilles problems. I play 100% pain free today. It might be frustrating but it can be done. Only difference today is I practice prevention. I try to avoid playing more than 2-3 days in a row. For my weekend travel tournaments, when I might play several matches both days, I give myself the following Mon-wed to fully recover. I have my fingers crossed for ya.

- Jack
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