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I think Vacuum 16 is a pretty good string. I like Wilson NXT better, and I like Tecnifibre TGV 1,30 best so far. It's a pity Vacuum 16 isn't available anymore; it was a quality string with great characteristics, and (even back at full retail price) good value. That you were able to get multiple reels for 10 Euros is quite a good stroke of luck! I wouldn't mind having a reel or two of it around, I kind of miss it.

You have a nice collection of Fischer frames there. I like the stack of Vacuum Pro Mid Plus through Pro #1, it's a nice example of the lineage of the famous Pro #1.

I don't have much information on the exact composition of the layups of my various Elliptics. Most of them indicate "Graphite Kevlar", some are "SiC Ceramics Graphite," and my Elliptic merely "Graphite." The Elliptic SL seems to be a lighter version of the Elliptic Comp (Graphite + Kevlar). Apart from the weight differential of the SL (I like a racquet that weighs around 350g, strung), these all play roughly the same. Those with ceramics in the layup feel a little bit stiffer than the others, but I haven't tested them on an RDC machine to see what the actual numbers are. It may just be that the silicon carbide fibers don't damp vibration quite as well as the Kevlar does in the other layups, so it may seem stiffer by feel, where it actually is not.
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