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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
Nice answer Chotobaka.
I'm glad someone here has the courage to tell it like it is.
Thank you, man. I recently dealt with the inverse of this topic with a very promising 9th grader I am working with who is worrying about her game when she gets into high school competition -- no surprise, asking about poly strings.

This kid is an absolute monster and will run anyone near her age (male or female) off the court. She regularly abuses skilled grown men with her serve and forehand. After objectively explaining the pluses and minuses, and potential long term effects, of poly to her my final message was: " if you cannot play and hit every shot with synthetic gut, you have no business playing tennis".

She gets it. Smart and very talented kid who doesn't need placebo or a crutch. And doesn't live in fantasy-land.
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