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This is all just semantics, technicalities and split hairs. You can try to put up as many smoke screens as you like, but even the most simple minded person knows lance doped for every one of his tour victories, and well before that as well.

I'm not sad for lance at all. He was never a "great man." He cheated obsessively and threatened anyone who dared speak the truth. That's a scumbag, not a "great man."

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Ok, Lance choosing not to defend himself is not an admission of guilt. However, it makes it a lot easier for the prosecution to find him guilty because there will be no one in court representing him.

It's really sad to see a great man fall like this. He was an idol for millions, and now it's all left in ruins. Sad, really sad.

I just hope something positive comes out of this. Like a culture of clean riding, and not this "anything to win" attitude.
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