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Originally Posted by Chotobaka View Post
None of the above. Get a good nights sleep. And read my post while sober.
Hehe with a clearance that exceeds TS/SCI, being six floors below ground on a military installation, I assure you, I'm quite sober.

I actually find it amusing when I read where posters claim they can't generate topspin/underspin with multis or synthetics, that they need poly in order to pull off a particular shot. There's certainly a significant difference at the ease in which you can produce spin with polys compared to synthetics/multis, but I agree that if someone claims a particular shot has run completely afoul because of a certain string, then the problem is not the string.

That said, there was in fact a hint of sarcasm in my reply to your "if you cannot play and hit every shot with synthetic gut, you have no business playing tennis". It just struck me as being a tad over the top. Sounds cool though if you're a 9th grader I suppose. I'm guessing you loved Mr. Miyagi in Karate kid and Cain in the television series Kung Fu, huh?
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