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Default Area around Knee Swollen; Problem and Remedies?

Played in the Single Team (3 singles players on a team vs. other teams) State Championships with weekend and ended up playing 5 matches (2 on Friday and Sunday, 1 on Saturday).

During my Saturday match my knee started hurting (an injury I've never had before) and by the time I got home it was a little swollen. I went and purchased a knee brace in hopes of being able to make it through the match(es) on Sunday.

I made it through the matches (icing in between and afterwards) but now my knee is swollen a lot. A golf ball size area (maybe a tad larger) is swollen on the outside and slightly above the knee. And a quarter size area is swollen on the inside and below the knee. There is not any 'popping' in the knee are but it's a struggle to bend my knee more than 90 degrees. It's somewhat painful when I walk but the biggest problem is that it doesn't feel like my knee is stable when I'm walking.

I plan to go see a doctor but not sure how long it will take me to get an appointment.

Can anyone give me an idea of what the injury might?

Is there anything I can do to help it (other than ice and brace it) until I can see the doctor? Ointments/gels/etc.?

Thanks for any and all help.

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