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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
The problem is hubris. You're not 15 years old, shouldn't be playing so much. One doesn't deal with a swollen knee by putting on a brace and going out to play the next day. See an orthopedist and don't play for now.
It was for a state championship, we only had 3 members on our roster, if I forfeited my court it would have made my other members have to win in order to get the team win, and I wasn't about to let my team down when playing for a state championship...even if playing on only one leg. Thanks for the advice.

Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Given the circumstance I'd say you sprained your knee, which means you strained and/or tore one or more ligaments. Hopefully its not anything seriously torn but I would definitely keep icing it, 3 times a day for 20 minutes, and don't play anymore tennis till you see a doctor.
Thank you for your input and advice. I'll keep icing it and I plan to stay away from tennis for quite a while now.

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