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Originally Posted by BirdieLane View Post
Industry Representatives? Hannity, Bellamy, Kempin...

Looks like these guys are all millionaires. Let the talent talk, not money.

To be fair, I've only read the Hannity manifestos and it's a lot more hot air than substance in my opinion. I'm glad that we're trying to get on the same page and I think there are ways to improve the 2014 system. But I'm just not super thrilled that the 'Tennis Parent' representatives are mostly millionaires. And I've not been impressed with Hannity's bluster. (I'll grant him a few obvious points, but after that it was all about puffing out the chest...and Russell took the bait too.)
Birdie.....It took time, money and (possibly) a private jet to go to those meetings.

I'm thankful for all the effort the group and the USTA put in.

Now it depends on you, me and everybody else to go to the TOWNHALL MEETINGS and let our voices heard.
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