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Originally Posted by Bedrock View Post
I did not say let. I said you lose point right after first drop.(however it is not that critical first or second drop)

I do not know any rule where player calls anything on opponet's side.

Do you know any reference to rules for this case? ( I know it is there, but I do not remember where)
Ok. I will clarify.

First of all, it is very clear that if a ball falls out of a player's pocket, the first time it is a let, then each subsequent time it is loss of point. Yes that is critical.

A hindrance (let or loss of point) can only be called if the "hindered player" was actually hindered from making a shot he had a play on. A player is not entitled to a hindrance based on something that that player caused (i.e. hat falling off his own head, ball falling out of his own pocket). In the case of excessive grunting, only a chair/roving umpire can make the call as to whether it's a hindrance.

Of course, a player may call a hindrance against himself, and that is very good sportsmanship, but if he calls a hindrance against himself, it is a loss of point, and he is not entitled to replay the point. But it is the player that is hindered that needs to make the call. It's in the rules and the code.
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