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Originally Posted by Bedrock View Post
You are right a let can be called by any player.

Everyone has to know rules before the start of the game.
What is the difference between first and second drop? (I do not see common sense)

For some player(for a lot of players) it is a big destruction if anything is laying on the tennis court.
And they do ask to remove it before start playing a point.
If ball or any other object arrives from outside of the court a let can be called. But the call suppose to be made immediately. Otherwise the game continues.
If obstacle(hindrance) has been created by a player the player losses the point.

However there is still no reference to the rule that makes exception for creating a first hindrance.
I did not say a let can be called by either player in this case.

It is a big difference because the first drop is considered unintentional hindrance, and a let can be played. After that, it is considered a deliberate hindrance, and it is loss of point.
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