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Originally Posted by BirdieLane View Post
These are great. (change the "m." to "www." unless you are on a phone) I've seen them before but it's fun to see them pop up now and again.

I think Richard is a little crazy but you have to admit that he seemed to have a plan and be ahead of the game in these videos and his message and priorities seem pretty consistent in both.

There was an interesting SI writeup years ago on him that wasn't so favorable and apparently there is a new documentary coming out that Venus in particular is upset about how Richard is portrayed.

Just found the SI writeup. Pretty interesting.

This is worth a look too...pretty neat:

Richard is making a video to try and get some support from Vic Braden. Some great quotes:

"Playing with some guy...can't remember his name...PETE SAMPRAS, that's it." (pete was maybe 12ish?)

"Watching your tape, it says you'll be good by Friday. Guess, what, it's just Tuesday and look how good they got!"

Here's another great to them:
Thanks Birdie. I did not realize the 2 links I posted on this thread would only work on mobile devices. I think I was using the IPAD at the time.

I saw the video for Vic Braden and another one you posted too. I will read that SI article when work's not busy today.
It will be interesting to learn from this family for sure. The process of how he raised these 2 champions and their family value is noteworthy. Later on, after fame and money....their lives might be portrayed differently.

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