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> It was for a state championship, we only had 3 members
> on our roster, if I forfeited my court it would have made
> my other members have to win in order to get the team
> win, and I wasn't about to let my team down when
> playing for a state championship...even if playing on only
> one leg. Thanks for the advice.

Would it be worth having to go for surgery? I've had plenty of knee issues over the years but never let it go to the level that you've described. I've used knee braces but my problem is cartilege scraping and that fixes itself with a little rest.

> Thank you for your input and advice. I'll keep icing it and
> I plan to stay away from tennis for quite a while now.

You might want to have a doctor check it out if it doesn't get better soon. The knee braces are to fix the knee mistracking. If you have a different problem, then the knee brace might not do much other than keeping the joint a little warmer. The quality of knee braces is all over the place. Some of the cheap sleeves don't do much while some of the types with steel rods restrict a lot of the different kinds of movement that the knee can normally do.

> One of my coworkers mentioned putting 'Tiger Bomb' on
> it...anyone ever heard of this stuff?

It's Tiger Balm. I've never used it but you can look it up on the web.
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