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Originally Posted by Bergboy123 View Post
I've played for six years and it's always been the case that I just change my strings when they snap. I've always used polly. Just for reference I'm about a high 4.0 player, playing 2 hours a day 4-5 days a week.

The thing is, my strings last me usually at least two months. I just read that they should be changed like every 10 hours or so though, which would be insanely different for me.

What are the pros/cons to changing/waiting with regards to strings?

And dunno if it matters but I have I MSV co-focus strings and a PDR.
If you don't notice a difference with your poly after 40 hours of play, then you probably won't notice a difference after 10 hours. You should be restringing after 10 to 20 hours with poly, but if it makes no difference to you (and you aren't hurting your arm or wrist by using dead poly), then save your money and keep on keeping along.
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