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Please read LeeD's post 83.
That was the first HITTING I"d seen of BT.
Watching thousands of players in my 30 years, I"ve never seen anyone with the poise and form of BT's serve without them being at least a 5-5.5. I've seen plenty of guys with WORSE motions playing 5-5.5.
And I"ve never even seen 5263 hit or play. But based on his knowledge of the game, at least he knows the strategy he likes to teach and play, so he's no duffer either.
And some newbie here posted that I don't play tennis, I just read books about tennis. That is the stupidest thing ever said about me. I hate reading for comprehension, I went from 4.0 to 1.8 by the time I was a senior in high school, and couldn't even finish 3 semesters of junior college. Why? Not because I'm a dummy, but because I refused to take home a book ever, from 7th grade to 3rd semester college. I don't learn by books, I learn from doing the sport.
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