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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
I've known instigators before, and had to whip a couple of guys in HS due to someone
like you stirring the pot, lol.

Hey, but you are just instigating a tennis match and thats cool, and how could it
be bad. I love to play and I guess he does, so as long as he can be laid back
about it and willing to make a new tennis's all good. Communication
on here is tough and he seems sort of snarley, but We may get along great
in person. I never meant speaking of his level as an insult. I just
thought Lee was dreaming listing this guy as a 5.0+ and I am more convinced of mid
to low 4.5 after this vid....

..I guessed he was A5, which is low to mid 4.5 on avg., but
don't know why he thought I was at that level??
I WAS at that level about 15 yrs ago and took a city championship
plate there before getting bumped to A3 and as city finalists,
getting bumped to A1 for another City Championship season etc...

I'd love to play bt and see what he's got. If he's way better than I see in the
vid, then I'd be glad to share that with you guys. It would show me that vid effect
is even tougher to acct for than I thought, even though I've watched quite
a bit of vid thru the yrs working with jrs.
Donald Young tennis center is good if you want to come south or I can come up
there. I know we would both love to bagel the other, but keeping it friendly
is the only way to do something like this , right?
oh snap! i thought you would run away and ignore this thread.

now let's see what BT is like?
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