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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Gotta agree with that one.

In the meantime, hope the various contending factions can reach acceptable understandings on:

1. Family trip opportunities to national tournaments
2. Adequate variety of opponents
3. Convenient opportunities for coaches to recruit

The complaints about the proposed changes seem to fall into one or another of these three categories
4. Dump the contrived Regions that don't reduce the participants travel (& travel expenses). Just because they say it does doesn't mean it does. Let the participants decide which L2s, L3s & L4s are the best travel options for them.

5. The usta talks about kids not missing school......& then yanks the WinterNat & the Easter Bowl off the schedule. Keep those events on the schedule since all kids are off during WinterNat & some kids are off during Easter Bowl.

6. Don't have the ONLY two L1s 3 weeks from each other (in mid Summer) & then no other L1s for the other 11 mos. of the year. Not only is it dumb, It's a huge advantage for the Sept. birthdate kid & a huge disadvantage for the June kid. (The outlier theory on steroids). As mentioned in number 5 above....keep the Easter Bowl (or something like it) in Spring & keep the WinterNat (for lots of reasons) the week after Christmas.

7. Not one kid or one parent wants the draws cut further. Keep them where they are.....& for the L2s, bump them up to 64 (or forty eight) for the 14 y/o, 16 y/o & 18 y/o divisions. (A 48 draw gives the 16 seeds a bye preventing those supposedly horrible first round matches.).

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