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4. Dump the contrived Regions that don't reduce participants travel (& travel expenses). Just because they say it does something doesn't mean it does. Let the participants decide what L2s, L3s & L4s to travel works best for them.

5. (the usta) Don't just talk about kids not missing school......& then yank the WinterNat & the Easter Bowl off the schedule. Keep those events on the schedule since all kids are off during WinterNat & some kids are off during Easter Bowl.

6. Don't have the ONLY two L1s 3 weeks from each other (in mid Summer) & then NADA for the other 11 mos. of the year. Not only is it dumb. It's a huge advantage for the Sept. birthdate kid & a huge disadvantage for the June kid. (The outlier theory on steroids). As mentioned in number 5 above....keep the Easter Bowl (or something like it) in Spring & keep the WinterNat (for lots of reasons) the week after Christmas.

7. Not one kid or one parent wants the draws cut further. Keep them where they are.....& for the L2s, bump them up to 64 (or forty eight) for the 14 y/o, 16 y/o & 18 y/o divisions. (A 48 draw gives the 16 seeds a bye preventing those supposedly horrible first round matches.).
What a joke your points make about reasons USTA were making changes!
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