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Default Food for thought: More practice matches

"...if we don't get the ladies and even some the American men serving like Serena, let alone practicing the serve in a way to raise their game, stick a fork in the whole thing. World class ladies serves suck, mostly. If we as Americans can't see that opportunity on our own hard courts to shore up our serves, then might as well just pack it in."

At the 10,000 ft. level, I agree. We absolutely need to focus more on the serve, especially for the ladies. However, there are natural limits to ones serving capabilities. For example, Errani could practice her serve 24x7 but sheer physical constraints will prohibit her from serving like Serena so should she pack it in? Heck no. Instead she learned how to grind, maximize the use of spin and defense and construct points and, most importantly, she maximizes her physical and mental gifts. She is barely 5 ft. 2 in. and made it to the French Open finals and U.S. Open semi finals . . . which by the way is hard court for anyone who thought she could only on the red clay

This is where we fall short. We do not customize and individualize the juniors game taking into consideration the natural and individual makeup of the player. We try to rubber stamp everyone and produce players like some type of manufacturing line . . . it doesn't work.

I would argue that it's not about just owning the hard courts . . . it's about an all-court game that can be successful on all surfaces.
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