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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Yup's sort of a copy and it seems better in some ways and inferior in others.

On the other hand the wonder wedge also allows you to create that "shelf" for

Your semi western as well.

However the wonder wedge completely ruins an Eastern forehand grip .

What seems interesting about the gripyou to me is the butt cap......that looks really cool and I cannot wait to try it:

Here's a pic of the wonder wedge......I just use five pieces of double sided mounting tape so there's no need to buy the wonder wedge.

Check out the pic of the wonder wedge:

I will have to check out the "gripyou." I have not seen it yet.

People have told me they use tape, popsicle sticks, whatever. Great, build up bevel 3 any way you can. This will change the contact points on the handle increasing the leverage, and provide a frame of reference for finding "all the grips" that I just don't think you get with a regular shaped handle.

I don't think either of the PVG's ruin the EF but the larger one, the original PVG does push the knuckle on the base of your index finger away from the handle making it feel strange.

Appreciate your comments.

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