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Wink Commission? You can't be serious

Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
A shelf for your hand to "push of of"? "index finger to lay on & push off of"? More power, serve better in every regard? Sounds like a salesman on commission. I don't think that my hand or index finger "push off" when I hit! More of a difference than the strings?
I think that I can safely say that, by the way you describe the benefits of the Wonder Wedge, it's mostly in your head! Absolute snake oil relative to the improvements as you describe them. It may give you a different grip on the racquet, but when you talk about hands & fingers "pushing off", I know you have a very vivid imagination.

Well maybe he did not say it just right but I can assure you he does not get a sales commission. LOL

More power? Well, when the racquet does not twist so much in your hand you will transfer more energy to the ball. This translates to more spin and action.

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