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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
Fair enough. I guess I was reacting to the claims of a dramatic transformation in performance. Granted, a better fitting grip would help in many ways, but I have doubts that this wedge, by itself, would make for huge improvements in my play. I'd be afraid to try it, 'cause what if it doesn't fix everything about my game? What then?
Hey, if you are happy with your game, great. If there is a part of you game that really needs improvement go for it.

Everyone seems to have a different experience. For some their is a dramatic immediate improvement in some aspect of their game at the same time it hinders another. They are so excited about the improvement they become determined to understand a master the other stroke (forehand, backhand, serve,whatever), that is giving them trouble. Some customers rock and roll from the start. I think it is a function of "just how well they move their hand on the handle now.

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