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Default Forehand tips? (Video included)

I know the date is a bit late but I went on vacation and with the beginning of school I never got around to taking the video from my iPhone.

So when I took this video my forehand just felt off for some weird reason and I really couldn't get much power behind it. I get the same feeling sometimes in matches or whatever, and it really throws off my game. I couldn't really find anything specific, even though I did notice a couple things:

1) My feet need to be more active sometimes, but this could be partly because I was on a ball machine and feeling a bit lazy.
2) Takeback could occur earlier.
3) My racket goes up above my head too much.

Background: I play DIII tennis and I'm a sophomore.

That's pretty much it, any advice would be great, thanks! No need to be gentle, some real criticism would be nice as I want to play a lot higher in the lineup this upcoming season.
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