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Originally Posted by Orson Welles View Post
I know that there has to be some critical trick to hitting the "tweener shot" (a.k.a., the "Sabatweenie") (between the legs with back facing the net). Please don't direct me to that British tennis website which I've already seen from other posters. I already know that you should hit the ball when it is very close to the ground and that you should start the swing with the racket face up high. I also know that you should use a backhand grip and flick it up with the edge of the racket below the ball. These tips don't do it for me. Not even close. There has to be something else to it. Who can tell me?
lol. What i'm gonna say is a bit inconsiderate but i just can't help it.

One day i was at the net and got lobbed. I never had the desire to hit a between the legs shot before. As i ran back to the baseline somehow i just knew that a between the legs shot was my only option. With absolutely no idea how to actually do this shot i gave it a go and to my surprise it went in! Ever since that day i have been able to hit this shot with about a 50% success rate.

My message is, some things just come naturally to you, some things don't.
E.g. You can't hit a between the legs shot no matter how hard you try. I can't hit a two handed backhand no matter how hard i try.

The only other explanation i have is that your level of play isn't very high and therefore you don't have good racquet head control or foot work. In that case, be patient, have fun focussing on important aspects of tennis, and one day the between the legs shot might just come to you naturally.
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