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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
you have advantage now. dont post vid to give him idea of your playing level
Hey, I know you are enjoying this, but I feel sort of bad about it. I made a post
about his toss and he got smart about it and then a comment to Lee about his
level, because I thought Lee was way off, but not intended to offend. I really
expected he was a *mid to high* A alta player. Timbo has it right and there is a
big video effect and I could be way off, but I was very surprised he says he is
AA1....which is the highest level of Atlanta ALTA tennis.

AA1 is usually reserved not only for college players, but the better college and
former challenger level players imo. Most avg college level players play AA2 or AA3,
with many playing well down the levels.
What those of you not familiar with alta might not know is your can play well
below your level in Alta. It is based more on the overall team level vs your
individual level. An AA3 player can drop down and play on a A5 team in his
neighborhood and it will affect the teams level, but not always so much. You
could be playing at B1 and face a pair of former college players in the #1 spot...and
it happens quite frequently. That is the strange thing about alta is that he could
be a legit AA1 player as he says and still take a whipping from a A5 player...straight up,
and I'm surprised he doesn't know that??
Right or wrong...that is ALTA and it is very popular, pushing 100,000 in membership.
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