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I spent quite a bit of time talking to Richard at tournaments about 10 years ago. He was very much as described in the S.I. article. Trying to shock, exaggerating, making stuff up, and mixing in insightful smart comments on the tennis world and his girls. You can't believe anything he says, and you can't discount it either. I'd love to get the real story of how he developed 2 champion players- but I don't think we will ever get it from Richard.
Like i have said the guy that taught me my job knew them, in that he shot basketball next to where they hit tennisballs in Compton and the thing he told me was that man had those girls running a lot of windsprints when they were young like 8yrs old , After reading the article it just comes down to this have a plan and work as hard as you can towards that goal and make it happen .Richard did just that its not rocket science its just not in us here in the USA to think that anymore and its sad.
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