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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Are you the same guy who posted around last year?
Nice hitting!
Prep is fine.
You start out just hitting, then target in, CC or DTL, good.
Nice 2hbh DTL.
You hit with nice RHS, and lots of topspin, so maybe you didn't flatten out any shots, but that's your choice.
Ball machine is time to work on placements. You did, after the first couple of shots.
Thanks for the comments Lee, and yes I did post a short video of me hitting last year! Cheetah used RHS below later too, but for some reason I'm either blanking or I have no idea what that means. I also realized I accidentally cut out my down the line FH clip. Oops.

Would you say you need some point or match play video to really evaluate my game?

Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
What you have now looks good and is working. Pretty good form.
Your left arm usage is good. Footwork is good.

If you want more power on the FH here are the issues:

1) your wrist is cocked and locked from starting at the unit turn and it stays locked throughout the whole swing. Losing a lot of power right there. Optimally it should neutral until forward swing. Some ppl like it a little less than neutral but imo neutral is best. Look at any big FH of a top pro. neutral.

2) You're not using your legs enough for power. You're using them more for support. You are pushing off, more like just 'standing up', but your legs are not loaded enough. You have to load a good % of your weight on your right leg. Big power loss there. But you are loading a little bit and you have built in recovery footwork so that's good. That recovery looks good actually... but you can also do that with a bigger leg push.

3) Because of issue 1 the butt of the racquet never points towards the ball. You are losing leverage here and also heavy spin.

4) Kinetic chain never really kicks in because of issue 2 so you are arming the ball. Although on some shots u have a bit of chain going and not arming it mostly.

5) Your arm is not loose enough (partially because of issue 1). It should be much looser. Your arm looks totally 'locked in place'.

6) Your elbow is way too close to your torso. You're losing rhs here. A good powerful controlled shot has to breath and flow. You have a locked wrist, locked hitting structure, stiff arm and elbow too close. It's suffocating the power.

7) Your form is a little inconsistent. Some shots looked pretty stiff. A few of them looked loose and good. And you seem to switch between open, semi open and neutral a lot even though the ball being fed is the same every time. But you have good footwork so that's a little strange haha. You might want to tighten that up. Go for a more consistent approach.

9) Your weight goes a little too much to the left. That will work for some spin and sidespin and consistency (your shots look consistent) but you lose power that way. Gotta go into the ball more. This is probably linked with issue 3. If you could figure out how to get the butt pointed correctly it would help you go into the ball more.

edit: watched again. actually sometimes the butt does point to the ball. But for wayyy to short of a time. You should be dragging the butt towards the ball. You have a butt point but then immediately your elbow goes into your body.
For example look at fh @28secs. Your elbow is scraping against your shirt. and @ 32sec the elbow is actually touching your ribs.
This is shortening your lever.
Really good stuff Cheetah thanks. I've heard the comment about me being "stiff" a couple times before, but the way you broke it down really helps. I'm definitely going to try to smooth out the entire process. It'll be interesting to compare this video with one from a day where I'm feeling loose and relaxed. I guess it's like the "shining the flashlight" thing I've heard thrown around a couple of times.

Thanks to both of you again. Would you guys say my BH is pretty fundamentally sound then? (Or at least comparatively to my FH).
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