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I have a Q5 295 and a Q5 315, as well as a 2 Ki 5 315s.

I've only strung the Q5 295 and one Ki5 315. I've only hit with the Q5 so far.

I only gave it maybe 30 min or so (my usual racquet is the Gamma T-7 which I love and have 6 of and don't expect to stop using any time soon).

But I have to say that the Q5 was an impressive offering. I actually really liked the light weight, as it allowed me to generate tremendous racquet head speed. I really noticed added kick on my kick serve.

I also felt like I had surprisingly good plow through for a light racquet.

I let my regular Monday hitting partner demo it today when we played (he normally uses an older K-factor team I think). He seemed to like the Q5. He's been toying with demos for a while, but all the usual suspects (Head, Wilson, etc..), so I've been trying to get him to demo a PK and he finally did. I thought he served really well with it, and I thought his groundstrokes penetrated the court pretty well. He said he didn't have any trouble transitioning to it (for our hitting session) from his usual racquet. He thinks I'm just being nice letting him demo it, but really I wanna get him hooked so he'll buy it

Anyway, I like the Q5. I think it's a good racquet. One of my favorite PK offerings so far (and that include all the PK racquets I have, including 5G, 7G, 15G, Redondo, and Black Ace).
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