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Originally Posted by sportsfan1 View Post
I have myself been inclined towards the stationary upright bike however hesitant about it because many sites recommend recumbent, e.g. see halfway down the page at the link bicycleman upright vs recumbent

yeah, I am gonna look at replacement seats/additional cushioning definitely.
The info on that website is mostly correct, although they might be a little biased toward the recumbent models because they only sell those...
But yes, there's no question that the recumbent bikes are more comfortable. The question really is, how comfortable do you want to be when you "work out".

The recumbent bikes are good if you want to isolate the legs and work only on your leg muscles.
The upright will give you a more complete workout, including arms, back, neck. Yes, it's not as comfortable, but again, it's supposed to be a workout, right?

I have personally tried both, at the gym.
At home I have an upright: Keiser M3. It is AWESOME!
My personal reasons for choosing the upright:
- it gives me a more complete and intense workout, and more of that "real bike" feel
- space constraints - the recumbent ones take too much space
- price - I got a sweet deal on a great bike.
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