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His technique is getting better, but sometimes I think the wall probably hinders rather than helps this! In saying that, I find it very hard to stop him. He plays soccer at school during every break and loves this. It is great to hear your feedback. One local tennis Dad told us recently that we should quit all his squads and do 3+ lessons a week as that would be better for him. I would be reluctant to do this as our son loves the squads and playing against other kids. It is hard when your son has an insatiable obsession though, I think he was born into the wrong family!!
I don't think your son was born into the wrong family. You just have to nurture his passion and nudge it into the right direction.
To answer your question about how many hours of lessons for someone like him at 7 yo, I think 1/2 hr private twice a week so he can learn proper stroke mechanics, tennis specific foot work and other fundamentals.

You should keep him in his squads, may be cutback to twice a week?? He will have more time to play other sports (eg. Soccer, basketball, biking, rollerblading, throwing a rugby/football, etc. This will help develop his atheletic skills and not being overloaded with tennis.

Good Luck!

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