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Originally Posted by Samo View Post
I was testing IG Radical Pro yesterday freshly strung with Beast 17g mains @ 23kg and Rip Control crosses @ 22kg. I liked this setup, but Beast snapped after 1.5h. I just wonder is this common that Beast snaps so quickly?
Well after rave reviews of my first round of Beast I strung my second racquet with it last week.

The Beast in my mains snapped in less than 3 hours.
It snapped in the upper part of the hoop on one of my outer main strings.
Not sure if it was a bad string job where maybe I damaged the string with clamps or if I shanked it just right to cause the snap but I was really disappointed.

I will give it one more try and report back on the durability.
Racquet: Wilson PS97 String: Prince syn gut @55lbs in mains, ISOSPEED Baseline Control 16 @50lbs in crosses, Wilson 6.1 95s backup same string setup
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