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Sorry to bump an old thread.

I'm recovering from three years of trauma and pain from a pair of hollow-feeling Pure Drive + Cortexs, and one year of the boredom from a pair of dunlop aerogel 4d 300s.

I got a beat up 1st gen POG OS for a song two weeks ago, and a lightly used CTS Synergy DB 24 last week, which have put the fun back in my tennis. I love the weight, balance, flex, and solid feel that seem to be missing from 2000s racquets. Unfortunately, the Synergy seems like it's starting to crack above the handle, so I'm wary of getting more used racquets.

Earlier today I saw a brand new radical LE on sale for the equivalent of US$80 in a local store, and they said they could probably get me another one. Will this racquet put a smile on my face like the POG OS and the Synergy?
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