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Sorry I looked at the videos did not see world class strokes at 8 yrs old Plain and Simple, didnt even see Super freak movement Plain and Simple as you have always claimed!!! In fact I hate to admit it but Jan Silva had better strokes then both of them at 5 yrs old so did that kid Tristen Once again the williams Strokes and Movment were very very average I said it 2 x's now "Average" !!

You have been in Fl. to long Venus and Serena were not a hurricane in a bottle or even a small water funnel off the coast they were definately average at best "video shows that" BUT their dad wasnt and there is were the magic was and to that I say "Thanx Richard Williams" for filming your daughters young and allowing all of us to see with a single mind , a goal and some hard work "you forced" on your kids from the time they were 2 yrs old Anyone can do it!!!!!

See you in Jupiter soon will be arriving in a week so hopefully i can finally see your girl and how unbelievable she is , bringing my video camera.
Macci has said that when he first started working with the Williams sisters he was not blown away by their strokes and ball striking. He was blown away by their athleticism. Obviously that is a self serving statement by Macci as it means he is responsible for creating their games. After all, Venus played 80 junior tournaments in Cal. and never lost. Serena lost once or twice.
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