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I hear what you are saying. I am very familiar with Division 3 tennis. No doubt, a grinding style of play where players camp out at the baseline hitting one ball after another high over the net wins. There are few players at the D3 level that can play quality offense on a consistent basis so the game becomes one of avoiding mistakes. That being said I preach to my players, one of whom is currently playing D3, you have to play more and better defense and more and better offense at the same time. They usually don't understand. But the point is yes, play great defensive grinding tennis. But when you get a ball you can handle- play offense. Attack. Move forward. That is a winning combination. I just told my player last night- the easiest thing in the world is to become a great doubles player, yet so few juniors and college players play doubles well. All you have to do is learn the correct positioning, and perfect your volleys. Not all that hard.
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