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Macci has said that when he first started working with the Williams sisters he was not blown away by their strokes and ball striking. He was blown away by their athleticism. Obviously that is a self serving statement by Macci as it means he is responsible for creating their games. After all, Venus played 80 junior tournaments in Cal. and never lost. Serena lost once or twice.
There was a young girl here in So.Cal and her dad was crazy and at 10years old he had his daughter press 140lbs on the bench and this girl was small but was strong as a bull , she would do 20 one arm push ups , I saw this with my own eyes and thought Damm,,, let me tell u he told me he started when she was like 5 yrs lifting ,,,My point had you or TCF saw her you guys and Macci would have been blown away by her strength "Freak" I know the behind the scenes 'Not Blown away"!

Mike Cole told me these girls were running Lots of sprints and by the time Macci saw the work he was blown away by athlecticism Why? Because he was used to rich white kids who never get pushed like this therefore it was amazing to him and Cohhen,,to me I know the behind the scenes "not blown away or supprized"
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