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Default Great stories from the Golden Era 1974-1984

I am putting together a list of great stories from what's widely regarded by the tennis experts as 'The Golden Era' 1974-1984. I would love you to share your favourite, outrageous, funny, unbelievable & shocking stories?
Some of you will dispute my claim that this was The Golden Era, but this was the period when tennis caught the public's imagination on and off the court.

A couple of stories to get it going....

*Connors & Evert, the 1974 Wimbledon & US Open Champions - Engaged.
*Transexual Rennee Richards plays the US women's singles after having previously played the US mens singles.
*The Italian fans outrageous behaviour in Rome at the Italian Open.
*McEnroe v Nastase night match at the US Open when Nastase gets defaulted and then reinstated with the original umpire having to leave the court.
*Bjorn Borg being pursued at Wimbledon by teenage girls like he's one of the Beatles.

I'm sure a lot of you can do better than me.........
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