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Originally Posted by corners View Post
One thing to note is that when comparing the same string model, the stiffness decreases sharply as you go down in gauge while the CoF stays about the same. This makes sense as the CoF is a function of the string material or string coating material and is independent of surface area. (Surface shape may be another story.)

I've compared various models in different gauges and based on this I would estimate that Co-Focus 18 has stiffness of around 190 and CoF of .097.
Hi corners,

Quick question fer ya. You've mentioned that when string goes down in diameter, string gets softer, and the CoF stay about the same. Your estimate for 18g Co-Focus has indeed a lower stiffness, but your estimated COF is higher at .097 vs the .089 of the 16g. I'm puzzling over that.


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