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Originally Posted by rommil View Post
For this thread alone, I bought another Vcore 89

This racket does wonders the most to volleys. Anybody else notice this as well?
Not especially. While I like the stability and accuracy on volleys, I find the racquet to be a bit too muted to be "wonderful."

Best volleying racquet I've used was clearly the K-Factor 90. I haven't used the PS85, but I assume that might be even better.

I think the main feature of the Yonex 89 is that it's a terrific all-around frame. It really has no weaknesses. It serves bombs, is stable off of both wings during groundstrokes, and is very solid on volleys and overheads. Good control, good spin, and good comfort for the arm. It swings easy and has just enough mass behind it to be effective at higher levels.

Overall, it's a winner.
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