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Hi corners,

Quick question fer ya. You've mentioned that when string goes down in diameter, string gets softer, and the CoF stay about the same. Your estimate for 18g Co-Focus has indeed a lower stiffness, but your estimated COF is higher at .097 vs the .089 of the 16g. I'm puzzling over that.


Hi Jack, I think my estimate for the COF on CoFocus 18 was simply an error in typing or something. I would use the 16L number. Looking through the data, I haven't seen any significant difference in interstring COF between the same string in different gauges, which is consistent with the fact that COF is (counter-intuitively) independent of surface area. (I would estimate that CoFocus 18 would end up about 33 pounds at test, BTW).

String-ball COF, however, is another story - the thicker gauges appear to grab the ball a bit better - but since we're looking at cross strings here we don't really care about that ... except from the perspective that a cross string with high string-ball COF might tear up gut mains more quickly. But that would depend on the shape of the string. The spiky ones, I think, are best avoided as crosses, but the flat (Polymaster) and square/squoval (Tourbite/4S) ones might be ideal.

I wish I had time to playtest strings right now as it would be good to get some realworld input into this thread. I would really like to try gut/Polymaster II and gut/Zyex Monogut (Monogut ZX), as well as Monogut ZX/Polymaster II, which might be a great poor man's Fed setup.

I'm also jazzed to try Tourbite 16/Polymaster II at pretty high tension in Wilson's new 16x15 pattern. The reduced number of cross strings should reduce the overall stringbed stiffness considerably, possibly making this pattern a legit full-poly option for those of us that have been sticking with gut/poly to play it safe with our arms.

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